Release of OxyPlot.Core v2.0.0

We have released v2.0.0 of the oxyplot core repository. See the change log for details. The following NuGet packages have been updated:

  • OxyPlot.Core
  • OxyPlot.WPF
  • OxyPlot.WindowsForms
  • OxyPlot.Core.Drawing (new)
  • OxyPlot.OpenXml
  • OxyPlot.Pdf

Thanks to everybody who have contributed!

NuGet packages

We have stopped pushing pre-release packages from the CI build to (on request from The official nuget feeds will from now on only be used for stable releases.

Pre-release packages from every CI build are now pushed to To use these packages, you must add the myget feed as a package source. source

Remember to check “Include prerelease” or add the “-pre” flag to install the myget packages. package manager package console

Semantic versioning

We have switched to semantic versioning and changed next version number from 2015.1 to 1.0!

The version number generation and assembly info patching is now handled by GitVersion.


The documentation has been moved to Note that it is still under construction and contributions are greatly appreciated!

The documentation is based on reStructuredText and Sphinx, and built by Read the Docs.

The docs are available for download in pdf, Epub and html format.

Note that there is also an alternative link: :-)

Support for Xwt

OxyPlot now supports Xwt! Xwt is a cross-platform UI toolkit for desktop applictions running on Windows (WPF, Gtk#), Mac (MonoMac, Gtk#) and Linux (Gtk#).

To use it, add a reference to the OxyPlot.Xwt NuGet package. Note that Xwt must be added manually to be able to use the component.

Example screenshot made on Ubuntu 14.10 Gnome 3.14:

Xwt example